What is the Bobcat Diagnoser?

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A number of problems with your Bobcat Miner 300 can be fixed using the Bobcat Diagnoser. Here, let’s examine it in more detail.


By entering the miner’s IP address in your web browser, the Bobcat Diagnoser enables you to obtain comprehensive information about your hotspot. Does not require a Although the hotspot can be connected via Bluetooth, in order to access the web interface, you must be on the same local network (connected to the same router) as the hotspot.

What Exactly Does the Diagnoser Do?

Without you having to enter a single query or possessing a deep understanding of coding, the Diagnoser will compile important insights and key data pertaining to your Bobcat Miner 300. In accessing this diagnostic tool you will be able to:

  1. Prevent hotspot overheating w/ alert feature
  2. View your hotspot’s current Helium and Bobcat firmware
  3. Issues with Miners, such as Miner not starting)
  4. Reboot and Reset your hotspot
  5. Examine your hotspot’s logs

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How to Access the Bobcat Diagnoser?

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How to Troubleshoot Issues Using the Diagnoser

The Diagnoser can be used to troubleshoot a variety of issues using its many features:

  • To determine whether your Hotspot is overheating, check its operating temperature.
  • Check the Miner information page and ensure the Miner state is “running”. If the state is reported as “restarting”, “down”, or something other than “running” there may be an issue with the software called Helium Miner. In this case, reboot first, then try a reset if the problem still persists.
  • To make sure your Hotspot has a functioning internet connection, use the Diagnoser’s speed test feature.
  • To ensure that your Hotspot is up to date, check the OTA version and compare it to the most recent release.
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