Handle Your Bobcat Miner 300 With Care


The Bobcat Miner 300 and all auxiliary parts must be handled carefully, as is the case with all technological products. Here are some helpful hints.

This does not only apply to its setup, but also its placement. Remember that very little, if any, modern technology is impervious to harm. Miners in particular are made up of a series of small machine parts connected to one another. While it may be more powerful than larger technology at times and is currently in style, smaller technology can also be more fragile.

Here Are A Few Useful Tips

Operating Temperature:

As shown in the databook, the max operating temperature for the indoor Bobcat Miner 300 is at 60C. Do NOT place it outside if it risks heat exposure, which will cause It is not advised to DIY weatherproof the miner by putting it in a sandwich bag to prevent CPU crashes. It’s not a sandwich, your miner! Your miner could overheat and stop working if you put it inside any bag. In fact, research on the reliability of LoRa has shown that “Temperature variations [can] affect the performance of wireless sensor networks deployed outdoors.”

More technical articles on the effect of temperature changes on LoRa reliability can be found here.

Install the Antenna Gently

Be careful when tightening the stock antenna. In some instances, using too much force led to the connector area becoming loose or even cracking internally. If overly twisted, the RF cable connector inside the casing could be harmed.

Do I directly connect my Bobcat Miner 300 to a large external antenna? That can cause a big problem as seen in the picture below. The miner suffered internal damage as a result of the right side being broken and the left side being warped.

Handle Your Bobcat Miner 300 With Care

This does not preclude you from using a third-party antenna; you simply need to exercise greater caution.

UPDATE – Customer Insights

  1. Some customers have discovered it to be simpler to turn the bobcat miner around to tighten the connection rather than turning the antenna cable barrel to the miner. This should NOT be done! They discovered that the pin inside the connector had twisted and broken the wire off as a result of their actions. More than one customer has made this mistake. They realized that turning the miner around the antenna cable was simply not a good idea because it would easily damage the center pin on the small connector, even though they had not used excessive torque to tighten the antenna cable.
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